5 Virtual Assistant jobs we got right and 1 very wrong.

Over the last year our Virtual Assistants got everything done very well, except one.

Virtual administration

5 things we did very well

  1. Administration:  We rock at this.  Our Virtual Assistants worked on way to many tasks to mention, such as having a certain amount of hours until a deadline to complete tasks to data entry to reporting.  You want administration done call us today.  Giving you time back.
  2. Bookings:  Through people phoning in to emails to using apps and calendars.  We worked with electricians, psychologists, tree loppers, real estate agents to golf courses. Bookings were done, tracked, invoiced and followed up.  Making businesses money.
  3. Data mining:  Looking through phone directories to scouring the internet.  If you need a database built your Virtual Assistant can do it.  Great for getting new customers.
  4. Updating information:  This can be from your word press website to your blog to your social media.  All ways to keep in touch with your customers.  Being consistent to your clients, showing them that your still in business.
  5. Saved time and money:  Our clients gave our Virtual Assistants great training and in return our VA’s were able to handle all tasks very efficiently, thus giving the client back their time and at these rates saving significant money.  (Average rate for a high level VA is about $10.30 an hour.)

The one thing we got wrong.

We thought this would be great but so far it has not worked.  Telemarketing.  Our Virtual Assistants have neutral accents even a hint of Canadian, so it is not like 10 years ago with the heavy tones.  They had scripts and taught well.  Maybe Australians are over telemarketers.  I know some very good ones in Australia however they are 10 times the price in Cebu so out of some businesses reach.

How we can see this working:

  1. The client needs to put in daily training, answering all questions and knock backs received.
  2. The VA needs to know the business backwards and not just the script.  After all the VA is part of that business.
  3. Time.  2 months minimum to get this working well.
  4. A good list of potential clients.

We do have one valuer that has had his Virtual Assistant for 18 months and does telemarketing.  He has a very good list and has done the above.  If you are prepared to put in the training then this can be achieved.  Put the hard yards in first and it will get easier.


There is also so much more that our Virtual Assistants do and so many different business types.  Call us today to learn more.  Or come to one of our seminars soon.  Like us on Facebook or keep an eye out for our emails.