Outsourcing and Offshoring Philippines Podcast: Interview w/ Paul Magiatis

AAIA_wDGAAAAAQAAAAAAAAtwAAAAJGVjYTZmMDU0LTkyY2MtNDc5OS04NzM2LTA5MTI5NmZlMmY5ZQLooking for a company that offers staffing to small and medium-sized businesses? East West Enterprises is the one for you! Never heard of it yet? No problem! Read on to get to know a little more about the company.

EastWest Enterprises, or EWE, was founded by Paul Magiatis, an Australian entrepreneur with Greek roots, who prefers to be called a “protagonist”.

The company, he recalls, was born out of necessity back in the Global Financial Crises in 2007/2008. At the time, the cost of doing business in-country was too expensive and wasn’t viable at all, so EWE was created with a view to have a model where Australians could start their own businesses in a cost-efficient way. Offshoring some of the operations to Cebu was found to be an easy and viable option for everyone. Since then, businesses grew and still employs people and still feeds families in the Philippines.

Despite some misconceptions about outsourcing and offshoring where jobs are said to be taken away from one country and put to another, Paul clarifies otherwise, believing that “if small business doors start to close, everybody loses. So if we have to offshore some jobs to keep our jobs safe here, then it has to be done.”

EWE has been assisting clients that are predominantly in Australia, but has also gradually extended services to New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

EWE is a very diverse company. It is under the classification of a BPO industry, but is actually quite different than typical BPOs. Paul describes EWE as more “boutique BPO, based around more experienced and high-end Virtual Assistants.” This is particularly good for microbusinesses where outsourcing can make a massive impact on their business growth.

With regard to the Virtual Assistant experience, the process is fairly simple: Clients are matched to EWE’s Virtual Assistants, or VAs, depending on the skillset they need and the schedule they prefer. Their skill set could range from digital marketing and blogging to SEO to handling administration tasks. And, whenever training is needed, most clients train their VAs via Skype or Zoom meetings although some have actually visited the Philippines personally on a few occasions. Basically VAs at EWE help improve company efficiency and organize their client’s businesses. One business subscribed to EWE’s services in particular, enjoyed a 25% growth on their workload with the help of their VA. For a small business, 25% is massive growth, and it shows how profitable it can be to have a VA.

Interested? You should check out EastWest Enterprises! You can visit the company’s website, eastwestenterprises.com.au, or get in touch with Paul Magiatis, either on his Facebook or LinkedIn page. Most of EWE’s clients are also established through networking, so you can even attend his workshops and awareness sessions on outsourcing around Australia and establish connections.

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Henry Acosta, Producer, On-Air Talent and Digital Marketer Media Hong Kong Australia United Kingdom United States

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