Meet Izza Andong, our HR and virtual assistant

As much as we value our clients, we also value our virtual assistants. Most big time business owners would agree that the key to a successful business is having happy customers, and how do we keep our customers happy? First we need happy employees.

“The key to achieving customer happiness, as in customers who want to do business with you again and again, is to focus on employee happiness first.” That’s according to Jason Whitman, VP of Customer and Employee Success at Justworks

As we are hiring virtual assistants offshore, do you ever wonder how they manage their time per client and what they are like outside office?

In the next months, we will be posting a series of blogs about our virtual assistants so you can learn more about them, and how they deal with your business. If you have a question, feel free to comment so we can add them on the next blog.

Meet one of EWE’s most hardworking and beautiful ladies, Izza Andong.

Izza Andong


What are your main tasks?

As a human resource Trainee, I’ve been trained to strictly follow and impose the processes in the company. I file and organize documents, I follow up and/or talk to clients re VA’s absences, I also handle two clients in which I format CV’s for them and data entry if requested, I help Shammie and Winrich in imposing the Company Policies, I’m the go-to of every VA’s concerns (which I also coordinate with both Shammie and Winrich), I check the attendance daily, I organize and facilitate recruitment tasks and I also make sure that everyone gets in the loop of anything that the company should be concerned of.


How do you manage your time with multiple clients?

For me, my tasks don’t come in specific “time-schedules” but I usually just do everything as “First come First serve”. When there are urgent tasks, I put them first. As much as possible, urgent or non-urgent, I really want to do my tasks ASAP always because then I’d have enough time to do personal things after. I am willing to sacrifice breaks for as long as I get the tasks DONE. I can just eat in between, I really don’t mind. Hahaha


Why did you choose to be a VA?

Who wouldn’t? Haha. I really don’t have specific reasons as to why I chose to become a VA, but maybe I can see my growth here as an individual. This is an actual training for me to enhance my interpersonal skills. Of course, the pay is also good enough especially for a starter like me. What more of those who are very experienced? Plus, the work doesn’t get you so worn out at the end of the day and you also get to talk to people offshore and also learn their culture.  How I wish I’d get to adapt Aussie slang and idioms as well hahahahah.


What was your previous job before you became a VA?

In summer of 2017, I was an office-based ESL teacher for a month. I taught to children, teens and adults. It was a great experience because it really enhanced my communication skills. As a teacher, you need to be an example of how words are pronounced, so that made me learn and review a lot of English lessons too. I also learned a few of the Chinese culture and made friends to some of my students. 


Tell us more about yourself

I love Pinterest. I love anything cute, rustic, vintage and dark. I love dark chocolates over any flavors, I can go up to 70% cocoa. When I was younger, I wanted to become a Veterinarian. Maybe that’s why I love animals especially dogs. In high school, I wanted to become a Lawyer. But in College, I was enrolled to Industrial Engineering. I didn’t even know that program existed before haha. I love painting, sketching and drawing. I love art more than anything in this world. I don’t go for mainstream fashion, although sometimes it’s all you can literally SEE so you end up buying too haha). I’m not a fan of night-outs. I love to read books but I don’t have my own book-collection. Wishing to have one soon! I collect ball pens, although I don’t really use all of them. I love greens and salads over chicken & pork. I also enjoy singing and watching series (TWD,TVD,Suits etc.)