How outsourcing is more than just cost cutting


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In the words of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding father and former Prime Minister, who transformed Singapore from a third to a first world country, “If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”

Outsourcing began as a way of cutting costs for big businesses, but it’s evolved in a way that now makes it accessible to small and medium sized businesses to help them reduce costs and improve efficiencies too. It also improves your life by freeing you up from tedious tasks so you have more time to spend doing what truly matters: To live, breathe and enjoy every moment.

EastWest Enterprises was established by 2 Aussie’s in 2010 to recruit and connect qualified professionals in the Philippines with small and medium sized businesses in Australia and New Zealand. We’re your connection to your workforce in the Philippines, at a fraction of the cost.

Your virtual staff in the Philippines are 100% dedicated to you and have their own specialised skills … ready for you to train in your specific office procedures and tasks. They are passionate and determined to give better results.

As we mentioned in a previous article, ‘How can Virtual Assistants help boost my Business?’, “The advantage of hiring office-based virtual assistants like EastWest Enterprises is that you don’t have to worry about management, HR related issues, sick leave, tech support and other office related concerns, because we’ll do it for you. You can focus more on the most important things in your business, or in your life, like spending more family time while someone is doing the tedious tasks for you.

Office-based VAs at EastWest Enterprises are supplied with everything they need to be productive, such as a computer with 2 screens, high speed internet, A-class offices, computer chair, desk and full technical support in case there is a computer issue that needs to be resolved.”

Here are some general task you can outsource:

  1. Calendar Management
  2. Hotel and Flight Booking
  3. Email Management/Filtering
  4. Setting up Autoresponders (Aweber, Mailchimp)
  5. Booking appointments
  6. Database building
  7. Research on certain topics for blog posts, newsletters or others
  8. Following up with clients/customers
  9. Receptionist duties (answering occasional calls)
  10. Taking down minutes of meetings
  11. File Management (organizing files using Dropbox etc)
  12. Personal errands that can be done online
  13. Transcription (transcribing voicemail, video, audio, podcasts etc.)
  14. Creating basic reports (reports on weekly tasks, deliverables, sales)
  15. Preparing Powerpoint presentations
  16. Liaison between you and other team members
  17. Recruitment
  18. Set-up Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube)
  19. Publish posts on your Blog (content you provided)
  20. Filter and reply to comments on your blog
  21. Answering support tickets
  22. Blog commenting (to increase links to your site)
  23. Participating in discussion forums or message boards (more promotion!)

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The Importance of Hiring a VA

Hiring a VA is becoming popular these days and has helped many businesses to survive the very challenging world of business and commerce. It is important that you as the business owner don’t just sit around in your office all day, every day. You need to go out and meet new people, relax, enjoy and have fun! As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It is pretty much the same with your business. All work and no time to get inspiration will make your business a dull and losing one. Business owners need to go out and build a strong network, be socially active,  get advice from other people and be inspired to try something new.

Sometimes our minds brings us back to the endless tasks piling on our desk and computers, this is why hiring a VA is important and helpful for business owners like you! As long as you hire the right VA, he/she will be your answered prayer to do the tedious tasks that drains the life out of you.

It is time that you focus on more important things such as your  family, friends, your wellbeing and… expanding your business.

Meet one of our pioneering VAs, Des, who has been with us since we first started. Her positive attitude and willingness to learn new skills are the reasons why her clients of 6 years won’t let her go.  She’s still working with the same clients since day 1 and they are inseparable ever since. Find out what she does….

Des Colina

What are your main tasks?

Virtual Assistant is my job that I never expect that I would love. I have been serving two or more clients for almost 6 years now. I am happy doing my clients tasks such as bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, staff timekeeping, calendar management, holiday rental sites management, email handling, data entry, CSR and appointment settings.


How do you manage your time?

Currently I have two clients. For me to deliver my tasks on time from each of them I use ASANA – an online application that helps me track and reminds me of my work deadlines. Also, I make sure that I recognize which task(s) is urgent.


Why did you choose to be a VA?

I chose to be a Virtual Assistant because I realized that I love organizing files/documents, I motivate myself to finish what is expected and I love facing whole day in a computer. I also have typing and customer service skills, familiar with MS Office and some online applications that my clients are using like MYOB and XERO accounting software. I maximized the skills I have, and I know those were just some of the skills to be a Virtual Assistant.


Des 6 years ago


What is your previous job before you became a VA?

Before I became a Virtual Assistant, I used to be a Customer Service Representative in a telephone company (BPO) based in US for 2 years and was promoted as Quality Analyst for 1 year. Since the telephone company was closed, I applied in a publishing company and was hired as a Finance Representative for 2 years. While working on a graveyard shift, I lived unhealthy life – lack of sleep. I got sick like almost every month, so the doctor advised me to find a day time job instead. Blessed I am for EWE found and hired me. Until now I still love working with the company.


Tell us more about yourself

I am Desiree Joy Colina – Quilo. I am a silent type of person who loves playing keyboard musical instrument and listening to music. I enjoy going out with some of my few friends. I am active in church planting and outreach programs. Yes, I am always busy, and I love it!


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How can Virtual Assistants help boost my Business?

How Virtual Assistants can help boost your Business

Virtual staffing is no longer a new concept, it’s been around for years even before Odesk and started. Now it seems, almost every business owners, both big and small, has heard about, considered using or uses this solution. Yes, it is a ‘solution’ and you’re about to learn the facts about hiring virtual staff and how they can help boost your business.

Virtual assistants are not as expensive as you may think, in fact, it is affordable and among the best solution for small businesses and businesses that are expanding. Here are the answers to the most common questions about virtual assistants.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a contractor working remotely. They provide support and services that you or your company needs. They have different specialties and are easily trainable.

There are 2 kinds of virtual assistants, homebase and officebase.

When do I need to hire a virtual assistant?

  1. When your business starts to wear you out, because you have too much to handle, then it’s a good time to hire one or more VAs. In fact, it’s even better if you hire and train a VA before you get to that point, so they are trained and up to speed before you get to breaking point! It’s usually a good sign, meaning, your business is expanding and you need help to do the administrative tasks.
  2. When you want to expand and reach more customers/clients but you are on a budget and can’t afford to hire a local marketing company or rent an office and hire more staff.


Which is better to hire, homebased or officebased VAs?

Now, this is a personal preference. There is nothing wrong hiring a homebased VA if he/she comes highly recommended by people you know, or they have a good rating on the freelance platforms. If you want to be hands on, doing everything yourself and micro-managing your VA, then this won’t be a problem for you.

The advantage of hiring officebased virtual assistants like EastWest Enterprises is that you don’t have to worry about management, HR related issues, sick leave, tech support and other office related concerns, because the company will do it for you. You can focus more on the most important things in your business, or in your life, like spending more family time while someone is doing the tedious tasks for you. Officebased VAs at EastWest Enterprises for instance are supplied with everything they need to be productive such as a computer with 2 screens, high speed internet, A-class offices, computer chair, desk and full technical support in case there is a computer issue that needs to be resolved.


How can Virtual Assistants help boost my Business?

Most virtual assistants are skilled and have at least 3 years experience working in different industries. They are generally college graduates with a bachelor’s degree or even a post graduate degree.

In first-world countries, hiring marketing staff, tech support and admin staff can cost a lot. If you have a budget constraints or watching your bottom line, then hiring an experienced virtual assistant who specialises in something you need will help you save more money.

At East West Enterprises, our staff have many specialties, such as social media marketing, transcriptionists, customer service, IT, SEO,  virtual property managers, virtual paralegals and many more.  Our employees are given trainings if they want to learn new skills aside from what they specialise in and they are always willing to learn new ‘client-specific’ tasks and skills.


How do I start?

In Australia, call us on 1300 857 731 or take a tour of our website

We provide a great work culture & ethics, plus all structure including technical support and recruitment, saving you time and the headache of finding a virtual assistant who suits your needs.

Hire a Digital Marketing Manager for your business

In this digital age, it is important that you put your business online. Marketing is evolving from the traditional newspaper and radio ads, to social media where everyone is connected. The digital age has made things easier for us. We can now do our shopping online, leave reviews about a restaurant or a company we made business with, and we Google things we want to know about. Ever since the internet has been invented, we are now online dependent, and it is important that your business is found online.

According to LinkedIn, “82% of consumers are more likely to trust a company whose CEO and leadership team engage on social media. 77% percent are more likely to buy from such a company.”

This is why businesses whether big or small need to have social media presence and have a digital marketing manager to help your business grow. Hi! My name is Katrina Teves. 


What are your main tasks?

I create annual marketing calendar and plans, they are composed of social media schedule of posting, blogging/article writing, marketing plans and suggestions. I create ads, write articles and collect contents as well. Once discussed and approved by the client, I implement them according to their schedule.

I have also been an on-site SEO for 5 years. My job as a digital marketing manager does not only fall into creating contents, managing social media managers and being on Facebook all the time, but also analyzing tactics on which strategy worked and didn’t, we have to look into Insights and Analytics and learn from our posts. It is a constant learning process, plus we have to be updated with the latest algorithm of all social media platforms so we will know what works and don’t anymore.


How do you manage your time?

I have a strict schedule. Per client/account have their own timeframe and if more work is required, I work on them after shift. Currently I work full time (8 hours) I am managing 4 businesses of my client, so that is like working with 4 different accounts already. I stick to my regular schedule and work straight-away on urgent tasks.


Why did you choose this path?

I am very passionate with digital marketing and this type of work is currently popular with foreign clients who I work with virtually. The Philippines is still stuck with the traditional marketing but slowly adapting to digital marketing which is why I don’t apply for any local businesses. I love that I am learning something new every day, every month.

I have worked with different clients with different nationalities. If you ask me, the Aussies are my favorite clients to work with. 😉


What was your previous job before you became a VA?

I was a Media Communications Manager for 2 years in a school based in Hong Kong, and before that, I was an IT in an entertainment industry and customer services representative in  one of the largest BPO company, globally. However, while also doing online marketing freelance jobs since 2013, I found my true calling in Digital marketing because it allows me to be creative and keep on evolving.

I cannot do routine jobs as it bores the hell out of me which what happened to my IT and customer service jobs.    


Tell us more about yourself

I always want to change, grow, improve, create and expand. I like learning new things all the time, they excite me.When I am not working, I do crafty things at home because I like creating. I also have my personal business online selling bohemian goodies and fashionable items to keep me preoccupied all the time. The only time I relax is during bed time. I wake up at 6am to meditate and do yoga, then take a shower, have breakfast, drive the kids to school and hustle at work again.


Why small businesses fail in Australia

Why small businesses fail in Australia

In 2015, 60 percent of small businesses stopped operating within the first three years, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The main reason for this is poor cash-flow. It’s an alarming statistic, especially since 97% of all Australian businesses are small. Fast forward to 2018 and sadly the numbers haven’t changed as much as we’d hoped.

There could be many factors for this:

  1. Bad idea and the lack of market research – all businesses start as an idea. We all have wild and unique ideas and many entrepreneurs succeed because they believe in the idea, studied and worked hard enough to produce it.

Therefore, thorough market research is important before you bring to fruition the idea that you want to take into business. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have time to do it?
  • Am I passionate and driven enough to do it?
  • Do I have the funds?
  • Do I see this long term?

2. Lack of capital – this is self-explanatory. As mentioned above, thorough market research is required before you dive into business. You should think long-term and not just for a year. If you only have sufficient funds to last a year, then you’re not ready for it yet. You also need to have a back-up plan … and one thing you should absolutely avoid is using your entire life savings as your back-up plan.

3. Lack of proper training – when starting a business, you have to have the right reasons why you’re doing it. It always starts with you and is then down to the people you hire. You must also be able to learn from your mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable and necessary for you to learn, but you mustn’t dwell on them. In the words of the great Winston Churchill, “Defeat is never fatal. Victory is never final. It’s courage that counts.”

4. Don’t have the right team – it’s important when you’re hiring that you have the right team working with you. They must have at least a year’s experience, the right attitude and you as the employer need to keep them happy and create a great working environment.

Don’t expect an employee who always get a late paycheck to come in to work on time or have the right attitude to face your customers! First you need to take care of your employees and your employees will take care of your customers. Happy customers equals good business.

5. And last but not the least, you are doing everything yourself!  – multi-tasking is actually doing yourself more harm than good, especially to your brain.

According to an article in Entrepreneur, “That’s heresy in a time-urgent world with the attention span of a macaque on crack. Meyer admits that multitasking is not only getting more prevalent, but it’s also “very often highly inefficient and can be dangerous to your health.” Even the most adept multitasker will “crash and burn” trying to resolve simultaneous conflicting demands, Meyer says. That means you could wind up sending the wrong e-mail; blow an account; have a “brownout,” in which too much access to the cerebral grid shuts down critical thinking; or worse, find yourself in a truly hazardous situation, such as driving while using a cell phone.”

Learn to delegate tasks to your VA and focus on more important things in your business.

So how do we keep small businesses competitive and profitable?

Paul Magiatis, a successful property developer and a business owner who runs 5 micro businesses with offices in Australia, Hong Kong and Cebu in the Philippines, shares his tips on how to keep small businesses competitive and profitable:

  1. Keep a very close eye on your cash-flow and cost-base. It’s going to be tough, but those businesses who survive will be bulletproof by developing strong process efficiencies.

I believe activity levels will stay dormant in the next 12 months due to market confidence. So reduce your cost-base to become efficient and stay in the black.

2. One of the smartest things I ever did was employ an offshore marketing team to lower my cost-base while increasing my output and productivity.

I hired a virtual staff member to do the back-office admin tasks for me while I focused on building my businesses, networking and spending time with my family.

Sometimes we rely so much on ourselves and we think we don’t need help, but we do. So focus on more important ‘business building’ tasks and let your virtual assistant/staff do the admin, client follow-ups and appointment setting for you. They can do anything that doesn’t need to be physically ‘touched’ in the office … there’s almost no limit to the tasks they can do.

1. Communicate daily with the people who work for you and invest in proper training.

2. Address issues immediately. Procrastination is the real enemy.

I’m sure you’ve read many tips and words of advice about how to keep your small business growing and flourishing. One things for sure, don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for advice. Also, learn to relax and give yourself time to think … meditate. Exercise and eat healthy.

If you have questions on how virtual staffing can help you and your business, take it from an expert, contact Paul.