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By Ridge Gonzales

In today’s business landscape, a personal online brand is necessary more than ever in the history of business and entrepreneurship. A ‘personal brand’ is just like your reputation, it is how people generally regard you and what they say about you when you’re not around. Nowadays, it takes more than a logo and a photo to get your image established out there, you need to have a strong and consistent online presence. And that means being more active on social media. Whether it’s on your company website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, […]" > Read More

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will save you money!

By Ridge Gonzales

As small business owner, you cannot always afford to hire full-time employees since that requires benefits and ongoing paychecks. That’s where outsourcing comes in. The most obvious and visible benefit relates to the cost savings that outsourcing brings about. You can get your job done at a much lower cost and at better quality as well. You don’t need to spend money on employee training. There are no agency fees as with temporary employees and you won’t pay any overtime and yet you’ll still keep your projects on schedule. Virtual […]" > Read More

How Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Company

By Ridge Gonzales

If you ever find your company in a situation where the back-office solutions start to become complicated in nature, and you do not have enough personnel to cover it, you can always turn to outsourcing. For example, Unilever Europe expanded over the years by country and division. Consequentially, different business groups and geographies operating across 24 countries were all using multiple ERP systems. Because Unilever Europe was not a specialist in IT solutions, the company outsourced the development of the ERP system to an external party to integrate the company’s […]" > Read More

The three biggest reasons why people hire virtual assistants.

By Ridge Gonzales

And why you should too. Running a business or having a career period can take a lot out of you. There’s only so many hours of the day available to you and working more isn’t always the best option. If you’ve gotten to this point, then you’ve probably considered getting help. Here’s why you should hire a Virtual Assistant 1 – They allow you to focus on top priority work. Running a business means having to be a jack of all trades and a lot of time you find yourself having […]" > Read More

Reduce your business’ overheads

By Ridge Gonzales

The most common reason companies of all sizes turn to outsourcing are to reduce overheads, add flexibility or increase speed and productivity. It allows them to expand their activities and maintain high quality results with minimal impact to their bottom line and budget, which in turn drives profits higher. Outsourcing also enables companies to save on office space and equipment. Through outsourcing tasks such as accounting and finance, marketing, HR and IT management, it assists companies to minimise financial risks and utilise internal resources more efficiently. No wonder companies are increasingly […]" > Read More

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