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Reduce your business’ overheads

By Ridge Gonzales

The most common reason companies of all sizes turn to outsourcing are to reduce overheads, add flexibility or increase speed and productivity. It allows them to expand their activities and maintain high quality results with minimal impact to their bottom line and budget, which in turn drives profits higher. Outsourcing also enables companies to save on office space and equipment. Through outsourcing tasks such as accounting and finance, marketing, HR and IT management, it assists companies to minimise financial risks and utilise internal resources more efficiently. No wonder companies are increasingly […]" > Read More

The 2 Biggest Reasons We Hire Virtual Assistants

By Ridge Gonzales

And why should too! Most of the time, the only reason a company fails to grow is because of you. There’s only so many hours of the day available to us and working more isn’t always the best option. If you’ve gotten to this point, then you’ve probably considered getting help. Here’s why you should hire a Virtual Assistant Hiring a virtual assistant helps free up your work day. You already have high-level work that you need to focus on to help your business grow but because you have so […]" > Read More

5 Virtual Assistant jobs we got right and 1 very wrong.

By Ben Sweeny

Over the last year our Virtual Assistants got everything done very well, except one. 5 things we did very well Administration:  We rock at this.  Our Virtual Assistants worked on way to many tasks to mention, such as having a certain amount of hours until a deadline to complete tasks to data entry to reporting.  You want administration done call us today.  Giving you time back. Bookings:  Through people phoning in to emails to using apps and calendars.  We worked with electricians, psychologists, tree loppers, real estate agents to golf […]" > Read More

Is a Virtual Assistant in your business plan for next year?

By Ben Sweeny

Are any of the following in your business or life plan for next year?   Spend more time with the family. Increase income. Appoint a new staff member. Replace a staff member. Reduce costs. Get some help with work. Start a regular Social Media campaign. Teach someone to do the jobs you don’t like doing. Have someone answer your phone. Someone to answer your emails. You would be surprised at how a Virtual Assistant can help you achieve your plans for next year.  We know we still have another month […]" > Read More

Administration and Data Entry

By Ben Sweeny

Have you ever been sitting at your desk during the day or late at night and wondering why am I doing Data Entry or Administration when I should be out talking to my customers.  There are certain parts of your job that need to be done but just feels like a waste of time and non productive.  You think “is this bringing me in money?”  You may have system’s someone else could do: New client comes on board. Creating a list of potential clients. Sending follow up emails. Follow up […]" > Read More

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