In today’s business landscape, a personal online brand is necessary more than ever in the history of business and entrepreneurship. A ‘personal brand’ is just like your reputation, it is how people generally regard you and what they say about you when you’re not around.

Nowadays, it takes more than a logo and a photo to get your image established out there, you need to have a strong and consistent online presence. And that means being more active on social media. Whether it’s on your company website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. When you have a following, you need to remember that the more you give them, the more they give back.

This is where you can use your virtual assistant to the best of their abilities, get them to be highly active on all your social media accounts and plan a business strategy on how to grow your online following.

Another thing that you need to look at is considering how numerous small businesses have decent looking websites nowadays, a great way to stand out from the rest of them is to be available as much as possible. You can get your virtual assistant to communicate with your followers on your behalf! Everything from responding to comments on your Facebook page, to uploading new products photos on Instagram, etc. It’s almost like having your social media activity on autopilot for you.

Here are a few tasks you can allocate to your virtual assistant on building your online brand:

1.      Online Research

2.      Social Media Creation & Management

3.      Email Management

4.      Blog Maintenance

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