Vic is available from 1 to 4 hours a day starting at AUD $475.00 per month

Vic is a self-driven professional with a broad skill set.  He is an excellent communicator experienced in interpreting and implementing client and staff visions of new websites known for his ability to multi-task and juggle multiple pressing projects simultaneously in order to meet all deadlines. Vic thrives in environments that embrace new technology.



Able to code using (HTML5, AJAX, PHP, JAVASCRIPT)
Designing Logo and Tarpaulin using Photoshop 5 and 6
Familiar with Jquery
Familiar with Framework (Codeigniter)
Familiar with CMS (Joomla and WordPress)
Familiar with CENTOS and UBUNTU (putty command)
Familiar with FTP server and LAMP (LINUX, APACHE, MYSQL, PHP) DBMS (Database Management System)
Ability to configure and maintain organisations internal computer networks
Expert experience with troubleshooting computer hardware related problems
Management and maintenance of servers, pc’s, routers and switches
Experienced in managing network security tools
Experienced in managing firewalls, anti-virus and intrusion detection systems
Able to identify network performance issues
Configuration of network equipment
Managing and maintenance network equipment’s
Troubleshooting, solving and documenting network connectivity issues
Monitoring servers using Nagios
Installation and support of hardline telephones
Installation, configuration and administration of network technologies
Experience installing and configuring DHCP
Client/Server Experience with general telecommunication devices

Experience monitoring network performance
Backup management reporting and recovery
Experience with disaster recovery and backup
Experience installing firewalls and virus protection and elimination
Optimisation of the network for optimal speeds and availability
Installing configuring and maintaining network hardware, applying as well to routers and switches for the company
Experience with deploying, configuring and upgrading network software, for example the use of enterprise antivirus or running diagnostic programs
Troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Express
Ability to implement emergency backup and main backup systems
Ability to restore systems for mission critical network servers
Experience with regulating user access for network administrators to regulate access to sensitive files and protect against internal and external security breaches
Experience with setup and management of security administration port security on switch and
IP security on router via access list
Experience with designing and implementing customer network infrastructure and the installation and setup
End user desktop support and maintenance of servers and other networked devices
Experience working well with Linux environment
Experience with designing and implementation of VOIP system infrastructure using open source
Training of troubleshooting hardware devices
Work documentation using Visio, Excel and MS word
Experience producing monthly work status reports and updating technology specific documents
Deep understanding of Active Directory and GPO’s in windows server 2003/2008 and 2012
Working knowledge with patch and security management and deployment solution

Extensive experience in configuring site to site VPN (IPSec , L2TP, OpenVPN, PPTP, GRE)
Extensive experience in Windows/Linux Server administration (DNS, DHCP, ADS, IIS, Proxy, RADIUS)
Extensive experience in VOIP telephony (ASTERISK, GOAUTODIAL, VICIDIAL, AMEYO, FIVE


Operating Systems
Windows NT, 2000, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
Linux, Unix, Free BSD,

MS -Office 2003/2007
Open Office
Acronis Back-up
NT Backup
Microsoft SQL server
WSUS (Windows Server Update Services)
Symantec Anti-virus

DELL servers
IBM servers
HP servers
SUNMICRO servers
Building custom PC’s
Cisco firewall, Cisco routers, Hubs
Nortel switches

Lorelie is available from 1 to 4 hours a day starting from AUD $317 per month

Lorelie is a graduate of Accountancy with masteral credits in Public Administration.   She also completed a Certificate in Education.  She is mature, candid and has integrity, plus she constantly strives to improve herself and her skills.

Lorelie maintained the books of accounts such as the general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts-payable subsidiary ledgers and schedules to support the preparation of financial statements of the clients of an accounting firm with its supporting schedules.  She worked at the Central Bank before joining the largest bank in the US as a phone banker resolving account-specific enquiries/issues related to retail banking such as online transactions, wire transfers, ACH, ATM deposits/withdrawals or POS purchases, handling of general enquiries by customers with mortgage/credit card/business/auto finance accounts and answers banking-related questions from non-account holders, merchants and/or third-party bank institutions.

She has been working in the call centre industry since 2003, handling computer-assisted telephone interviews, telemarketing, customer service, outbound sales and quality assurance. She has tutored English to  Korean, Japanese and Chinese students.

Lorelie is motivated and dependable.    She is a lifelong learner who continues to learn.  As a VA she has become proficient in the use of various CRMs and the creation of newsletters.  Hard-working, modest and a goal setter, Lorelie takes the necessary steps to achieve the milestones she sets for herself.


  • Sales Journal and Accounts Receivable Subsidiary Ledger
  • Retail and Consumer Banking
  • Payroll
  • Content Writing
  • Licensed Educator
  • TEFL Certified
  • Data Entry
  • Market Research
  • Phone Surveys
  • Customer Service
  • Quality Assurance
  • Telesales
  • General and Legal Transcription
  • Multilevel Networking

Bianca is available from 1 to 4 hours a day starting at AUD $317 per month

Bianca has been working in the BPO industry for a total of 9 years where she began her career as a call center agent, booking flights, and performing e-commence and tasks for Travel Agencies.  She was quickly identified as having exceptional people skills and selected for promotion to recruitment specialist and rose to the position of HR Manager over time.

She knows how to handle different kinds of people and resolving conflicts is her specialty.  Bianca always makes sure to address the concerns of employees to create a good working environment.  A thirst for knowledge means  she never  stops learning and has experienced working in compensation and benefits , doing basic accounting.

Bianca is extremely personable and really connects with people.


Compensation and Benefits
Client Facing
Training and Development Management
Human Resources Management
Customer Service
Outbound Calls
Flight Booking
Recruitment, Sourcing and Development
Performance Management
Employee Relations
Administrative Task
Manage contact lists and customer spreadsheets
Maintain a calendar and set appointments
Handle billing and accounting
Bank Reconciliation

We invest heavily to make sure we find the right candidates to deliver exceptional service to you

We currently have Virtual Assistants specialising in administration services.  If you’re looking for a part time or full time Virtual Assistant  or you know someone who is, please contact us to arrange interview times.

There is a massive pool of human resources available world-wide.  We concentrate on the Philippines, because it’s the third largest English speaking country in the world, with highly rated universities and the Filipino accent is non-confronting and readily accepted by Australians and New Zealanders.

There are limited opportunities in the Philippines to earn a good salary.  Therefore, being a highly paid virtual team member for an offshore company is considered very prestigious and positions are highly sought-after.  There are many highly qualified Filipinos applying for these positions, which means we can select the top performers to ensure you get a highly qualified and motivated team member.  Our virtual assistants’ work from an office which is fully supervised and hand-picked.

Our aim is to lower SME staffing costs and help you better resource your business for sustainability and growth at a fraction of the cost.

By doing so, we believe we can make a valuable contribution in emerging nations, while also keeping more small to medium-sized businesses alive and profitable in Australia and New Zealand.

Our team is based in the Philippines where the time-zone is very compatible with Australia and New Zealand.

Our team is highly skilled, extremely hard working, very reliable and trustworthy.

Sandra is available from 1 to 4 hours a day starting at AUD$317 per month

Sandra is an easy-going person who sees the world full of opportunity. She wants to build a career that offers challenges and growth, with opportunities to enrich her knowledge and skills while contributing her best to the organisation she is working for.

She has a superb ability to learn new skills and concepts.  Able to remain unruffled and maintain steady work flow, despite of tight scheduling, she is as dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction, as well as, meeting company expectations.

Sandra is a Reports Analyst, with 3 years  experience in the field of Reports and Administration. She specialises in reports and developing metrics for her clients.  She provides information that summarises and monitors of performance sales, number of calls  and other key KPI’s.  She is a believer in positive thinking in the workplace.

In her relaxation time, Sandra enjoys a good Netflix binge, but also loves to play the ukulele and sing with her 3 kids.


Virtual Property Management
Virtual Assistant
Administrative Task
Reports Analyst
Customer Service Representative (Inbound & Outbound)
Phone Survey
Quality Assurance