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Chatting to your Virtual Assistant

Ever been apprehensive about hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant
Chatting to your Virtual Assistant

I remember 8 years ago when I needed some administrative help I was nervous about hiring a Virtual Assistant and even scared.  I did not know what to expect, were they going to talk me into hiring them for a year and I was going to be committed? Will they some how rip me off, steal my clients, steal my information, steal my money?

Little did I know that they were more intimidated by me than I was of them.  They were probably thinking OMG, I’m going have to work for this westerner who lives in a mansion and  is going to abuse me if I say no or I dont understand anything.  “I better just say Yes to anything he says.”

Bea my VA now and I joke about this and now have a great working relationship.  Virtual Assistants are real people and I suggest even before hiring a Virtual Assistant get on skype and have a general chat as you would someone coming into the office.  We have now taught Bea Aussie slang which she uses around her office in Cebu.  They get a real kick out of it.  We still have great respect for each other and work always gets done.

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