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How Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Company

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAuRAAAAJGIwYTA2MzU3LWM4MjItNDg0YS04NjVjLTA5ZWYwY2RhN2Q5NAIf you ever find your company in a situation where the back-office solutions start to become complicated in nature, and you do not have enough personnel to cover it, you can always turn to outsourcing. For example, Unilever Europe expanded over the years by country and division. Consequentially, different business groups and geographies operating across 24 countries were all using multiple ERP systems.

Because Unilever Europe was not a specialist in IT solutions, the company outsourced the development of the ERP system to an external party to integrate the company’s multiple business units into one ERP system across Europe. These improvements directly contributed to the €700 million annual savings on operational activities.

In East West Enterprises, we have virtual assistants with specific qualifications and skill sets catered to whatever your company may need for your business. If you run an online gift shop and may need an advertising boost we have marketing specialists that specialize in social media marketing. If you are a company in need of a website we have web developers ready to build you one. If you run a busy a carpentry business and are in need of a receptionist, we have people that can take those calls for you.

At East West Enterprises we are all about providing virtual staff solutions to save you time and money. If you’re thinking of starting an offshore team or an offshore business unit we’d be happy to partner with you.

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