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How can Virtual Assistants help boost my Business?

How Virtual Assistants can help boost your Business

Virtual staffing is no longer a new concept, it’s been around for years even before Odesk and Freelancers.com started. Now it seems, almost every business owners, both big and small, has heard about, considered using or uses this solution. Yes, it is a ‘solution’ and you’re about to learn the facts about hiring virtual staff and how they can help boost your business.

Virtual assistants are not as expensive as you may think, in fact, it is affordable and among the best solution for small businesses and businesses that are expanding. Here are the answers to the most common questions about virtual assistants.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a contractor working remotely. They provide support and services that you or your company needs. They have different specialties and are easily trainable.

There are 2 kinds of virtual assistants, homebase and officebase.

When do I need to hire a virtual assistant?

  1. When your business starts to wear you out, because you have too much to handle, then it’s a good time to hire one or more VAs. In fact, it’s even better if you hire and train a VA before you get to that point, so they are trained and up to speed before you get to breaking point! It’s usually a good sign, meaning, your business is expanding and you need help to do the administrative tasks.
  2. When you want to expand and reach more customers/clients but you are on a budget and can’t afford to hire a local marketing company or rent an office and hire more staff.


Which is better to hire, homebased or officebased VAs?

Now, this is a personal preference. There is nothing wrong hiring a homebased VA if he/she comes highly recommended by people you know, or they have a good rating on the freelance platforms. If you want to be hands on, doing everything yourself and micro-managing your VA, then this won’t be a problem for you.

The advantage of hiring officebased virtual assistants like EastWest Enterprises is that you don’t have to worry about management, HR related issues, sick leave, tech support and other office related concerns, because the company will do it for you. You can focus more on the most important things in your business, or in your life, like spending more family time while someone is doing the tedious tasks for you. Officebased VAs at EastWest Enterprises for instance are supplied with everything they need to be productive such as a computer with 2 screens, high speed internet, A-class offices, computer chair, desk and full technical support in case there is a computer issue that needs to be resolved.


How can Virtual Assistants help boost my Business?

Most virtual assistants are skilled and have at least 3 years experience working in different industries. They are generally college graduates with a bachelor’s degree or even a post graduate degree.

In first-world countries, hiring marketing staff, tech support and admin staff can cost a lot. If you have a budget constraints or watching your bottom line, then hiring an experienced virtual assistant who specialises in something you need will help you save more money.

At East West Enterprises, our staff have many specialties, such as social media marketing, transcriptionists, customer service, IT, SEO,  virtual property managers, virtual paralegals and many more.  Our employees are given trainings if they want to learn new skills aside from what they specialise in and they are always willing to learn new ‘client-specific’ tasks and skills.


How do I start?

In Australia, call us on 1300 857 731 or take a tour of our website http://eastwestenterprises.com.au

We provide a great work culture & ethics, plus all structure including technical support and recruitment, saving you time and the headache of finding a virtual assistant who suits your needs.

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