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Sandra is available from 1 to 4 hours a day starting at AUD$317 per month

Sandra is an easy-going person who sees the world full of opportunity. She wants to build a career that offers challenges and growth, with opportunities to enrich her knowledge and skills while contributing her best to the organisation she is working for.

She has a superb ability to learn new skills and concepts.  Able to remain unruffled and maintain steady work flow, despite of tight scheduling, she is as dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction, as well as, meeting company expectations.

Sandra is a Reports Analyst, with 3 years  experience in the field of Reports and Administration. She specialises in reports and developing metrics for her clients.  She provides information that summarises and monitors of performance sales, number of calls  and other key KPI’s.  She is a believer in positive thinking in the workplace.

In her relaxation time, Sandra enjoys a good Netflix binge, but also loves to play the ukulele and sing with her 3 kids.


Virtual Property Management
Virtual Assistant
Administrative Task
Reports Analyst
Customer Service Representative (Inbound & Outbound)
Phone Survey
Quality Assurance

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