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Secure Office-based Assistants

There is a massive pool of human resources available world-wide. We concentrate on the Philippines, because it’s the 3rd-largest English speaking country in the world, with high-rating universities and the Filipino accent is non-confronting and readily accepted by Australian’s and New Zealander’s.

There are limited opportunities in their own country to earn a good salary. Therefore, being a highly paid virtual team member for an offshore company is considered very prestigious and positions are highly sought-after. There are many highly qualified Filipinos applying for these positions, which means we can select the top performers to ensure you get a highly qualified and motivated team member. All of our virtual assistants’ work from an office, are fully supervised and hand-picked.

Services We Offer

Virtual Assistants

Our Virtual Assistants are highly educated, carefully selected and equipped with a diverse range of skills..


Legal transcriptionists listen to voice recordings made by legal professionals (attorneys, paralegal)…

Social Media Managers

Every business needs a social media manager if they want to grow and reach a larger audience…


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization-it’s a technique used or a process to make your website

Property Manager

Virtual Property Managers work as a virtual assistant, but with specific property management experience….

Bloggers / Article Writers

These days it’s more important to ‘educate’ than to ‘sell’. Start with a sales pitch…

Plus much more … if there’s another skill you’re looking for, just ask … odds are, we already have someone available or can locate someone for you.

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