Staff Testimonials

Paul as a boss is thoughtful and understanding to our needs. He makes sure that our concerns in the workplace are settled as soon as possible, he listens and is approachable and he always makes sure we are happy with at work. When Paul visits the Philippines office, he keep us up to date with new ventures the company is undertaking, organises training in specific areas that would be of help to us and generally checks if we are happy with everything. He never leaves without treating the team to a dinner or two out & team a celebration for a job well done. He is a boss everyone would love to have and EWE is a great place to work.
Jade Banaag, Virtual Assistant


Working with East West Enterprises for more than 2 years has been a fun ride. We are encouraged to grow and explore our hidden talents and skills. The managers are fair and understanding with our needs, they make sure that we are happy employees. Paul is a good boss, he always encourages us to be happy, and apply the fish philosophy which I think is the best philosophy in a work place where people have fun while being productive at work at the same time.
— Katrina Teves, Digital Marketing Manager , Virtual Assistant


I enjoy the sincere appreciation I receive not only from my boss, but also the people I work with.
I’m adequately paid and at the same time feel that it is fairly linked to a performance review process.
The fact that my employer understands me as an employee, actually increases my productivity and commitment to the job. Freedom to perform my tasks and responsibilities by whatever means I deem necessary. I feel respected and valued for what I bring to the firm. The flexibility to attend to family matters if necessary and the encouragement to come up with my own ideas and to provide input to the team is very important to me.
Jacquilyn Dacay, Virtual Assistant


What I like about working at EWE is that it’s my learning ground. The management is open and understanding to the employee’s needs. The company office also has a good ambiance to it.
Izza Andong, HR/Virtual Assistant


It’s been 6 years that I am with East West Enterprises. This is the company that I stayed longer because I am well valued by my boss, Paul. He is approachable and allows me to express my concerns when it comes to my work and family matters. The company is a blessing to me.
Des Colina, Virtual Assistant


I have been working for 5 years and I never had a company that understood my needs as an employee and believes in me until I was employed at East West Enterprises. I have been given a full responsibility to care for my client and to perform at my own pace. EWE gives their employees the trust that they deserve. I have no regrets, I feel at home and blessed to be working here. I was advised before that I should be working in a company where I am comfortable and trusted so I will stay longer, and that’s the way I feel about East West Enterprises. Thank you Paul for giving me a chance & your trust in proving my self as an asset in your Company.
Jemima Phillips, Virtual Assistant


We have a relaxed dress code at East West Enterprises so I can swim early in the morning, then
report for work in casual attire with wet hair or be fully-made up following a wedding attendance.
It allows me to manage my commitments not just at work but outside of the office too. One time I had to follow up on a billing issue with a utility company and I did not have to file for a leave of absence unless I needed it and that is why I enjoy the ability to flex my time at EWE. Each business is unique so my job is not exactly the same as another VA. I may do two hours daily for one client, four hours for the next whilst another timetable is set for the third one.
The variety that I handle in a day does not make my day boring. And, being in direct contact with an Aussie business owner like when I trained on what to input into their CRM, I feel like I am trained physically in Australia to take care of my client’s business.
Lorelai Libetario, Virtual Assistant


EWE has been a great career changer for me. I never had a chance to finish my college and only took 2 years just to at least get a chance to work in BPO industry (call center to be specific), but the job itself is tiring and not to mention the shifting of schedules.  With EWE, everything is different – fixed schedules, got to work on my own pace, working directly with clients, continuous skills upgrade and much more. With this, I’m happy I got the chance to upgrade myself with the help of EWE.
Karla Loyloy, Virtual Assistant


What I love working with Eastwest is the flexibility.. I get to balance my work and home life especially that I’m a mom.. I have the most understanding and awesome clients. They never fail to recognise and appreciate my hard work and I feel valued and respected for what I bring to the team. I guess that’s the most important thing to keep me motivated and continue to give my best!
Charlene Modesto, Virtual Assistant


Almost 2 years working with EWE, a lot of things happened. Laughing, crying sometimes, but still we work as family. Paul as a boss is very kind, he really listens to you, he will always find a way for your convenience, we share thoughts, the word “KIND” suits him perfectly. I will always be thankful to you Paul for giving me an opportunity to work with EWE, and to our Operation Manager, Mimi (Shammie) a million thanks to your kindness and understanding, I really learned a lot from you, I will always keep this in my heart, and to Vic who convinced me to work with this company.
Mharjon Geroquia, Virtual Assistant


What I like best about working at East West

  • They match me with clients that provide tasks that maximize my current skill set
  • The clients are friendly and accommodating in case you have questions
  • I get to be trained with new skills
  • I have the freedom to do tasks based on my best judgement
  • I feel trusted and valued

Jacques Salazar, Web Programmer, Virtual Assistant

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