Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Agents

If you are a busy real estate agent

We have conducted a list of what one of our Virtual Assistants does for one of our Real Estate Clients.

  • Basic


    • Email correspondence
    • Data Entry and Database updates
    • Property file checklist and client folder updates
    • Client File organising
    • Rename and organise scanned files to specific client folders
    • Spreadsheet updates
    • Microsoft Office based tasks i.e word, powerpoint and excel
    • PDF management (splitting, extracting, converting & merging PDF files)
    • Property newsletter & marketing
    • Property brochures and flyers
    • Property research and creation of property prospectus
    • Calendar appointments and follow-ups
    • SMS and call follow-ups
  • Extensive/ Essential tasks

    • Contract management
    • Assist in preparation of Offer & Acceptance Contracts for clients (as per Paul & Tracy’s advice)
    • Assist in preparation of Building Contracts (as per Paul & Tracy’s advice)
    • Drafting & Preparation of legal forms and contracts i.e Furniture Contracts, Confidentiality Agreements, etc.
    • Data Entry and preparation of Sales Advice & Info Sheets for clients
    • Preparation and update client file checklists
    • Preparation and sending out property application forms i.e EBM quotes & application for activation, Deppro application, BMT application
    • Update clients with property and construction progress
    • Follow-up and chase clients & vendors for their signed contracts
    • Consolidate and file all fully signed property contracts and send copies to the clients, vendors, settlement agents, brokers, trust account agents, builders & developers
    • Email correspondence with clients, vendors, settlement agents, brokers, trust account agents, builders & developers for follow-ups and updates
    • Calendar and follow-up essential dates for the property, clients and vendors i.e settlement date, activation of applications, follow-up with builders & developers
    • And all other tasks

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