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Your Next Virtual Assistant

Your virtual assistant is not a robot but a real person.   Immersed into different web systems and armed with an arsenal of skills, Jacques “Zak” Kenichi Salazar, is excited to work with you on your next project.

When did you join East West Enterprises, Zak?

I joined the  company in October 2018 and it has been an interesting career change.  I get to work with various companies requiring new and exciting tasks. I look forward to learning new things and developing new skills as I go along.

As newblood, what talents and skills do you bring in to the company?

I have developed a wide arsenal of skills over the years. I have had experience in almost all departments in the outsourcing industry. I have worked in customer service, tech support, chat support and sales. I even had my try at the marketing department and a slight experience in Quality Assurance and Training. I also had experience as a content creator as I am passionate about writing since I am also working on my own blog.

What was your previous work?

I have been a freelance developer in the past. I have created a lot of web systems that incorporate database management along with front-end development. I have also built and managed customized software applications that fit the client’s needs. And, I have also worked as a Business Developer for a small BPO company and I was tasked with bringing in new clients.

What are the fields you expect to work on in the virtual world?

I am willing to take up any field as I believe that I can learn new things in a timely manner with less supervision.   Due to my long experience as a developer, I believe that I am good at managing various web systems .   I would love  to further expand my skills so I am pretty much open to any task that can be delegated to me.

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